One Second Every Day

On January 1st, 2016, The New York Times featured a video on the front page of their website in which one of their journalists took a one-second video every day for a year. 'Cool,' I thought, 'I should do that for a month until I get tired of it and loose willpower and quit.'

2016 turned out different than I thought in many ways, one being that I actually remembered to record--in landscape mode, mind you--a snippet of my every single day. Did I sometimes forget to capture something I did? Yes, that's why there are so many sunset clips. Will this video be a scintillating 365 seconds for others? Maybe not. The thing about moments is that usually when the best ones happen, the last thing you're thinking about is pulling out a phone. So the following contains both the pinnacles of moments and the remnants of moments--the street signs, walls and sidewalks that were party to some of the best of my 2016.